My art is primarily generated through a visual and tactile discussion with internal and external forces -- emotion, memory, color, nature, structure, light, language, poetry. This discussion becomes the process and the expression itself. My paintings and drawings begin in a place -- an image, an idea, a color, a feeling -- and evolve into form and color that are derived from that origin. My work, however, quickly transfers to activity in a spatial environment that relates primarily to itself. The energy I feel when I interact with a point of inspiration and my materials moves me to create a visual that is an improvisation of color and form.

The art surface becomes an aesthetic home for a gathering of energies which interact in relationship with visual elements. I might, for example, feel a thrill from the color, form, or line in a landscape, a collection of fruit, a face, a memory. This excited sensation moves me to respond to the underlying energy of my initial inspiration. I am driven to make visible the invisible, to make an aesthetic statement that feels like truth. The work thus evolves beyond representation of visible life to a place where new relationship is created, where energy develops beyond reasoning.